Telling stories is as natural a behavior as dreaming. It’s the way we are able to sort through the things happening in our minds that we aren’t even aware of. Without dreams and stories we would be left oblivious to our unconscious. She is cursed to know everything we don’t and the only outlets available to her are the ones we only think we are completely in control of.

Better not piss her off and allow her to let off some steam now and again. So I decided to write a story, add to it a little bit every day and see what becomes of it in a years time.

Of this page I am not the author, she is.

here we go…


Two girls walk down the street between their houses, not bothering to look around them at the familiar surroundings that they have grown up with. The sidewalk, buildings, shops, and pavements have all become a part of their background; a default setting that goes by un-noticed.


The conversation flows easy, like a habit, no effort is needed for them to exchange the thoughts they choose to say out loud. They listen to each other with no judgment, no ulterior motive, and no stakes.

“What are you going to do?” Sami said with a smile that suggested she already knew the answer. Amanda stopped walking and turned to Sami, “Don’t give me that look!, I’m not going to do anything. What is it that you think I’m supposed to be doing?”. Sami coughed a laugh under her breath and continued walking. She knew what she wanted to say, but she also knew her friend, and she wanted her to mouth the words herself.

Sometimes people are able to see their friends better than they see themselves, but should be able to realize that people need to come to their own truths in their own time, whether it’s an issue of great impact, or a even small matter. For even a matter that is small is not one that is necessarily trivial.


They stopped as they got to the foot of Amanda’s building and looked at each other as if planning their next move. Sami stood and wondered if she should continue the extra 80 steps it would take to get home or stay at Amanda’s for the night. Not knowing that it was this decision that would be the beginning of a story she didn’t even realize she was a part of.

“I don’t really feel like going home… Do you think your parents would mind if I spent tonight here? We could have a slumber party?” Sami laughed at the cliche and waited for an answer. She hid the truth in her statement behind a laugh, but the truth was that she felt lonely at home, and angry most of the times. Her parents had a way about them, they loved her and loved each other, but they communicated mostly in raised tones and surrounded the house in an energy that resembled their own.

Amanda laughed at Sami’s joke, and didn’t bring focus to what she knew was hiding in-between the lines, “Of course they don’t mind! It’ll be fun.”

They started up the stairs because the electricity was out and as they climbed the steps, one by one and then two by two, a stone was thrown and the ripples began to form.


“Ding Dong”, the sound that started the night.

Amanda and Sami walked in and found Lara, Amanda’s sister, sitting at the kitchen table getting ready to have some diner. “Perfect timing!, I thought you guys got lost on the 5 minute walk back!” Lara laughed while pointing to the hamburgers ready for assembly on the table. Sami looked at Amanda and shrugged as they sat down.

While they finished up their meal and placed the dishes in the sink, Amanda got a message on her phone. She smiled underneath her hand trying to hide her expression. “It’s him isn’t it?”, Sami asked. “So you’re really sticking to this not doing anything?”



Amanda’s room; a place where many a night were spent being silly and serious. The room itself had become a third party, another friend in their history; a context and a stage. People say that a place, in its stability and immobility, is the most reliable keeper of secrets; a place has more stories to tell than any one person.

They stood in the corridor for a minute, as if walking into the room and closing the door, needed some sort of introduction. As soon as the door closed, the PJ’s came on. Comfy in PJ’s has to be the best feeling in the world. It’s the gift you get after a long day; the comfort and friendly composure of a simple and modest pyjama.

Sitting on the beds they looked up at the ceiling and started wondering what they’d do that night. Sami was about to suggest a movie when Amanda got another message and jumped up to her feet. She look at Sami and turned red, “He’s here! He’s standing right outside…”

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