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i am a stubborn person. i know i am, it’s not something i deny. i have my beliefs and principals and i stick to them. but at the same time i am always trying to learn, from others and from myself. some people believe only what they can see with their own two eyes. that basically means that everything they learn to believe is something that in their mind is proven to be right. but what about reasonable doubt, or belief in its purest form. i mean if i write something and i am convinced its great, then a world renowned writer tells me its not so good, even if he doesn’t prove why its not good; i take his opinion into consideration. or if a family member or someone i know loves me gives me a piece of advice; i consider it even if i don’t agree with the approach 100%. knowledge is power, and educated beliefs are better than blind faith.

whatever happened to conversations that were an exchange of ideas. when an opinion different to your own was considered an opportunity to learn or adapt; or maybe reaffirm your original opinion. this is the information age, but what people forget is that the best source of learning is other people. when we become so set in our ways that we forget that there might be something else out there; it’s a problem. then there are the people that say: “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. but what about updates to make it better. what about the tools you learn in the process. tools are important, and even though there are people who would rather go at it by ear, at the end of the day you need both. you need to have passion and live idealistically, but you have to couple it with some pragmatism in order to achieve what it is you set your sights on. i can want to buy my own house from here to sunday, but if i don’t work hard and have a practical plan on how to do it, it’s never gonna happen.

people who know me, in most cases know only one side of me. but the truth is i am a paradox, and i think most of us are the same way. i do have idealistic dreams and theories on life, but i use practicality and pragmatism to try and achieve them. you can dream to build a house, but if you don’t know the physics behind it, you will fail; or better yet not even try. and it’s a cop out in a sense, because wanting something or even wanting a certain life, but not being open enough to admit that wanting it isn’t enough, is a cop out. you can be a dreamer the rest of your life, or you can use the tools of pragmatism to get your dreams. there is a middle ground, a ground where we all should be. we shouldn’t be so practical that we forget to enjoy the little things in life, but we shouldn’t be so idealistic and care free, that we spend our entire lives only dreaming. and if we can’t find ourselves in that middle ground, we can only hope that there is a person out there who loves us enough to try to give us the tools we lack.