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Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
Almost everyone is working towards a goal in their life, and it is an important thing to have ambition and work for that one thing that you want or need to feel satisfied, but what I want to talk about here are the consequences of wanting something.

Sometimes we get so fixated on where we want to be that we forget to notice where we are. We take some things for granted and we don’t appreciate the journey; and yes I know it’s a cliche and everyone knows and goes through this. But what about how it impacts the small things in our lives.

Just because you’re working towards something doesn’t mean that in the time between now and getting that something, you should be miserable and spend all your time wanting.

Time moves so quickly and someday will be here sooner that you think, but if you spend your life waiting for someday then all your life really is; is waiting.¬†You’re always going to want something, you’re never going to not have a goal, and you can’t put life on hold in-between them.

My point is, not every moment needs an “if only” attached to it…