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we are always too busy thinking about what we're not rather than what we are. we spend most of our energy obsessing over all the things we don't have and can't do, we forget to be grateful for what's right in front of us. we should always be nice to people, because everyone is fighting a battle; very similar to ours. we are all different in many ways but at the end of the day we are all the same. we deal with the same issues and struggle with the same feelings. so next time your feeling alone remember, that even if we're all alone... at least we're all together in being alone.

there is nothing worse than what goes on in your own head. it’s a symphony of chaos and noise; non of which you can make any sense of. i closed the door to myself a long time ago and it seems like the noise i tried to run away from has now become something i am searching for. through the noise, even if non of it made any sense, i was able to at least unconsciously feel like myself. the noise moved me from place to place. it was violent and harsh, and sometimes pushed me towards things i didn’t know i wanted. at least then i was fighting for something, whereas now the noise is gone and i am still here. chaos breeds action and motion, it fuels you and confuses you. through chaos the search for silence leads you through the noise and helps you find much more than what you thought you wanted. we spend our lives looking for answers and in that lies the biggest error. the search for answers is fueled by questions and the answers we find are rarely the ones we were looking for. because the truth is the answer always lies in the question. and the fault in spending your life looking for answers, is that at one point you either find an answer and stop living, or keep looking for answers without remembering what the question was to begin with.