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I think that maybe sometimes we try to grow up faster than our time, and in the process we ruin some things that were meant for a later time. If you’re baking a soufflé but don’t have enough patience to wait until it is ready to come out, you will ruin it, and it will be gone. not because it is not meant to be but only because you didn’t have enough faith to be patient and kind to its survival.

We want to grow up because we think that the prospects of our future have a better chance of making us happy. but the reality remains that these prospects live in the future, and the air there is different; to take them out of their habitat will ultimately ensure their demise. but what happens once we’ve made the realization that planning and thought are obsessive behaviors and as any other obsession, once they become all you have they self destruct.

too much of a good thing…

There isn’t really much you can do to cure obsession, usually the only way to get rid of one obsession is to replace it with another one. and here is where it gets tricky, we are in our nature obsessive, at least some of us are and to those people life is a matter of knowing which obsession can prosper at which time and which obsession will deconstruct the sequence. you see if you are arrogant enough to think that you can break the chain and go for something whose time has not come, you risk losing it all.

All it takes is one week link to break a perfectly strong and resilient chain… the trick is to give up on fear.

I know most of us rely on fear to help motivate us to move forward, fear of failure, fear of being alone, and fear of death. the truth is it is the fear itself that will cause you to loose.

I believe in one thing above all else; the self fulfilling prophecy.

If we let the fear of failure control us, then the only thing left to sooth us will be failure itself. cause in the end that is the way we are wired. we always need to be right, we always need to believe that life doesn’t just happen to us, but that we know better and we can see it all coming. ergo if i believe that i will fail, not matter how hard i try to succeed and even if i do at one point, my original belief still needs to be satisfied and the only way i will feel right is if life reassures me that my fears were valid, and the only way for that to happen is to fail. the self fulfilling prophecy.

But on the other hand this can also work to our advantage, if we let go of fear and give in to faith, then the flaw that once ensured our failure will ensure our success. if you let go of fear and have faith that no matter what happens you will be fine and failure is only relative, then the self fulfilling prophecy is reversed and now the prophecy is life, of at least what it should be.

Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans… well that is true, life isn’t the sum of all our actions, life is a moment, it is fleeting.

Life is like an increment of time; a second. with each second that passes by a second has gone, never to be again. as is life, a bunch of moments moving quickly behind each other and the trick is a game of musical chairs. the difference here is that there is one player and many chairs, oh, and you control the music. you choose where to sit and how long to stay there. you can choose to linger in one chair and elongate the length of a second, or you can jump around from one to the other hoping to be satisfied eventually.

Here’s the thing, everything is a choice, you are foolish if you think that you are a victim of a life that you cannot control. your life is just that, yours; it is your own and you make of it what you can. I know some people are given different opportunities and are surrounded by different situations than others but the reality remains the same. we all live in a house of cards, and it’s always a matter of choice that determines the quality of our life.