the sound of silence

a storm passed by me a few minutes ago, leaving the house in ruins. a change swept across the surface of the floor very gracefully; as if it had always been there, looming just around the corner. i have walked past it may times during the comings and the goings of my daily life, still i never saw it coming. if i had seen it then maybe i could’ve held on more tightly to the walls of my bedroom and survived the passing of this night. flowers are blooming on the outside of these remains. cats are still purring and cars are still bustling. it all seems to be going alright until the moment it isn’t. the breeze caught me by surprise because of the violence in it’s voice. it sounded like what i would have imagined silence to sound like; a violence that can not be described outside the walls of this room. the sound of its silence seeped in through the cracks in the pavement and found its way with caution and stealth. had it been noticed then it’s silence would’ve have been broken by the sudden sound of dismay. violence is intensified in the dark. when you can see what’s coming it can’t hit you hard enough to turn noise into silence.

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