2013-06-11 21.18.58

I just went to dinner, shisha, and mattéh at my mom’s friend’s house, with my mom and sister. Hiam and her daughter Rima are two of the sweetest people you can meet and they have such a great relationship. We spent the night listening to stories of their travel adventures and laughing out loud!

Anyway the point of this post was what we ended the night talking about…

Hiam lost her mother about a year ago; she started talking about her and what kind of person she was. Apparently her mother was light hearted and said the darnedest things. You know when you meet someone that just has a way with words. They have the weirdest comebacks for everyday situations that make you grasp for breath from laughter.

She sat and told us stories of her mother’s “adventures” and we sat and laughed out loud! The best part is what she told us next…

She has been writing all these stories down, every memory, every laugh, and she plans to create a book from them; a collection of stories of her mother and everyone she encountered.

How amazing is that?

  1. hitaf said:

    That’s so sweet Farrouha,love u,mwaaaaaas

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