and now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good. – John Steinbeck Perfection; a huge dilemma. Not for everyone, but for everyone who is a perfectionist. Sometimes it's an asset and other times it's a burden, a barrier, or even an excuse. The all or nothing of everyday life... that's what being a perfectionist impacts. Depending on the situation it can become an obstacle rather than an objective. You start to put things on hold, or give up on them completely, because in your mind; if you can't do it right (to the degree of perfection you define), then it's not worth doing at all… And yes, perfection like everything is relative. We define what it is to us, the extent and context. There in lies the problem and the cure. Since we define it, then in theory we can still be perfectionists and adjust our own perception of perfection so that it is no longer a hindrance. Or is it simply an excuse? with regard to the things that are the most important to us… We can't stand the thought of failure, so we create a world in our minds that absolves us of all responsibility... "and now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good". only when we perceive this statement to be true… then good will be; good enough...

My Third Tattoo. It's been a while. I've been gone, and it's been foggy. Turned 26 and as cliche as it sounds want to turn a new leaf. Things have to change, and as a rule they will. Maybe this time the change can happen in a more controlled environment. I have been wanting to get a tattoo of a tree for a while; nothing stronger and more beautifully resilient than a tree...

2013-06-11 21.18.58

I just went to dinner, shisha, and mattéh at my mom’s friend’s house, with my mom and sister. Hiam and her daughter Rima are two of the sweetest people you can meet and they have such a great relationship. We spent the night listening to stories of their travel adventures and laughing out loud!

Anyway the point of this post was what we ended the night talking about…

Hiam lost her mother about a year ago; she started talking about her and what kind of person she was. Apparently her mother was light hearted and said the darnedest things. You know when you meet someone that just has a way with words. They have the weirdest comebacks for everyday situations that make you grasp for breath from laughter.

She sat and told us stories of her mother’s “adventures” and we sat and laughed out loud! The best part is what she told us next…

She has been writing all these stories down, every memory, every laugh, and she plans to create a book from them; a collection of stories of her mother and everyone she encountered.

How amazing is that?


You know that phrase: “Like a chicken with it’s head cut off.”

MEANING: in a frenzied manner.
ORIGIN: Poultry may sometimes run around frenziedly for several minutes after decapitation. The phrase was known in the USA by the late 19th century. It is recorded in print being used as a simile from the 1880s; for example, this piece about an escaped prisoner in The Atlanta Constitution, July 1882:

“Finding himself free from the heavy shackles, he bounced to his feet and commenced darting about like a chicken with its head cut off…”

Today is one of those days where I am one of those chickens!!!

Sometimes you can know someone so well, for so long and they can still surprise you. You can think to yourself that you know how they’d react in every situation, but the thing is, no matter how much you know someone, battles are always being waged inside our heads. Sometimes people don’t act like themselves, based on a need or necessity; people adjust and you can’t always recognize them.

Maybe it’s your job to remind them who they are, or maybe you should support them no matter what, and hope that they find their way back to themselves. If that isn’t the case, and the change is permanent, do not be sad. Accept the new person that has grown in front of you, and take it as an opportunity to get to know more of them than you had before. Because the truth is people never change, they just become more of who they truly are…

Soulful pop collective Fitz & the Tantrums performed a slew of songs from their new album More than Just a Dream in front of a live audience at Apogee Studios recently. They brought down the house!

You can’t help but jam to this music! Such a nostalgic charm that I personally can’t help but dance to. A feel good song that reminds us what music can do; make you smile, make you move, and create moments full of joy and passion that bring people together through the motion of sound.