on your own


a lot of people under estimate how important it is to be able to be alone. people who are uncomfortable being alone try to surround themselves with others constantly to avoid it. but it isn’t something you should avoid, it is something that maybe you should find a way to enjoy. we’re all alone in the end, and there is nothing wrong with that. your own company should be something you enjoy, not just for yourself but for the people you care about.

we juggle many relationships in our daily lives, but for me at least the most difficult relationship is the one with myself. i’m harder on myself than i am on others. i am meaner to myself, and frankly i don’t think i am a good friend to myself at all. i really do think that i should be able to be my own best friend, and we all should. we’re the better when we’re better to ourselves; more honest, more open, and more content.

it may not seem like the most important thing to focus on, but all of us have one relationship in our lives that will always be the most substantial and the longest; and that is with ourselves. we should make sure its a good one.

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