I may have changed for you; but I will not be changed by you. Choice is the only divine quality that we possess. It was my choice to love you; at first. Then love took it from there. Now I find myself standing back at the beginning, Looking out into the light that is fading, Looking in until I see what I could not. Now I know that the right choice was clear all along, but love wanted it to be wrong.

I may have changed for you; but I won’t be changed by you.

  1. I won’t lie, I said “oh wow” because I think you just put into words something I felt.

    • That actually means a lot. I wrote this a while ago about something I was feeling as well :)

      • It is just awesome how feelings and words are connected. Words are amazing, understanding them is even more awesome.

      • exactly. and you know sometimes I find that you don’t always have to understand your own words, especially the moment they are written. It’s amazing to go back to your words later and realize what you were trying to tell yourself all along : )

      • Yes, Yes! That happens

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